Real Money Online Casinos

Even though it can be fun to play craps for free, the true thrill of the game comes from making real-money wagers. When you've got your hard earned money sitting on the table, each loss is a defeat but each win is a redemption, and the game is free to take you to a new and exciting high.

Nothing quite comes close to a real-money game of craps and in the digital age we can play online anywhere in the world. If you're still looking for an online casino for your real-money games, check out some of our approved casinos listed below.

Casino Bonus Web Address
#1 Old Havana Casino
#2 Bodog Casino
#3 Inition Casino

The casinos in the table above share some common features that make them ideal for real money players. They've got tons of banking options, smooth cashier software, and the integrity you'd expect. Read on to learn more.

The Importance Of The Cashier

Just as in land casinos, online casinos have cashiers that help turn your money into playing chips, and then turn the chips back to money when you're finished. This is where you'll make all of your deposits and withdrawals.

Every casino is different when it comes to acceptable deposit options. Some of the out-dated casinos only let you deposit and withdraw funds using credit cards and bank transfers. If you want to use digital options like Neteller, MoneyBookers, or Click2Pay, check out Old Havana Casino.

Without an effective cashier service, a casino is simply not fit for real-money craps players. When you need your withdrawals and deposits to be processed accurately, you'll be depending on the cashier. If you need to find receipts or track your expenses, the cashier should be there to help you.

All About Casino Bonuses

More than a decade ago, online casinos realized that we like nothing better than free money, thus casino bonuses were born. Be aware that some of these bonuses cannot be "cleared" by playing craps, but the free money can still make great fodder for taking a break and playing some slots.

Welcome Bonuses

These are the bonuses that you always see advertised. The range from just a couple of dollars to well over $2,000! In almost every case, these bonuses are 100% matches of your first deposit up to the advertised limit. The bigger your first deposit, the bigger the bonus.

These bonuses are notorious for having hidden fine print, so make sure to read the terms and conditions. This is also where you'll learn about the clearing requirements, and play-restrictions on the bonus package.

One option that is just starting to catch on is the multiple-deposit welcome bonus. This means that you can redeem the entire welcome bonus by making several smaller bonuses. Beyond the added flexibility, this gives you a chance to explore a new casino without making a huge monetary commitment.

Reload Bonuses

After you've cleared your welcome bonus, you can keep on getting rewarded for making deposits through special reload bonuses. Some of these are regular weekly or monthly deposit bonuses while others coincide with special events and holidays.

If you can get into your casino's VIP program, you may be able to gain access to even better (and bigger) reload bonuses. Keep an eye out for any invitations to VIP-only clubs that can offer these perks.

Comp Programs

This is another opportunity that often comes with access to a VIP program. The idea behind a comp program is to simply reward you for playing regularly. You generally get a certain number of points based on your betting history.

Casinos often look at factors like average bet-size, frequency of play, and risk level to decide exactly how many points you'll receive every time you sit down at the table. The one factor that doesn't come into play is success. Win or lose, you should get the same number of comp points.

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