Free Online Craps Casinos

There are a lot of misconceptions floating around about playing casino games for free online, so let's set the record straight. All of the best, real-money online casinos allow you to play their games with free money.

This means you'll have access to world-class gaming software, incredible support, and you'll always have the option of becoming a real-money player in the future. Below you can find the best online casinos for play-money players.

Casino Bonus Web Address
#1 Old Havana Casino
#2 Bodog Casino
#3 Inition Casino

The above casinos, in general, have the most welcoming attitude to free-money players. Some casinos keep pushing you to make a real-money deposit, but the three in the table above only hint at that option. In general, they are happy to let you use their software to play for free.

The Benefits Of Playing For Free

Even though some online casinos might think that playing for free is just a way to test drive their software, it can still be an exciting way to play craps. Everyday, thousands of free players log on and have a blast.

Beyond the fun-factor, playing craps online for free is one of the greatest ways to learn the game. Far too many people go into live casinos, with no experience, and try to learn the game.

By playing online before you ever step into a live casino, you can read the rules while you play, search the internet for tips while at the table, and make mistakes without playing for real money. As you already know, there is a lot to learn before you can really say you've mastered the game of craps.

Finally, no matter how well you understand the game of craps, you should always play for free at a new casino to see if you like it. There's no reason to make a deposit at a new casino without at least playing for free for five minutes.

Getting Into The Game

The first step is to visit the casinos listed in the table (top of this page). From the home page, each casino will have a play now option that you need to click. This will likely give you the option to play online in your browser or download their software. Since you are playing for free, you might want to try all three options before deciding which casino you prefer.

Before you really start playing, you might have to sign up and create an account. Don't worry, this should only take a minute. Give them your real e-mail address (they're going to send a confirmation email), your name, and your desired user-name.

Since you are playing for free, you shouldn't have to provide any kind of bank-account information, or credit card numbers. If you ever want to become a real-money player in the future, that is the time to give them your credit card info.

This account gives you full access to the casino that real-money players see. You can play all of the games and use a free bankroll to keep track of your progress. This same account can also be used for real-money play, so you should never need to create a new account in the future.

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