Online Casinos For Mac Users

If you're using an Apple computer, you've probably already realized that online casinos aren't really catering to Mac users. In the next few years, we'll probably see this change but until then, here are the tried and true solutions that Mac users have been using for years.

Before we get into the technical details, check out the most Mac-friendly online casinos in the table below. These are the perfect online craps casinos for any craps players who are currently running on Mac computers.

Casino Bonus Web Address
#1 Old Havana Casino
#2 Bodog Casino
#3 Inition Casino

Use Windows... On Your Mac!

I know, I know, you originally bought a Mac to avoid using the Windows operating system. Don't worry though, this isn't a major switch, it's just a simple work-around that lets you run any windows program on your Mac, including online casino software.

So how exactly do you use Windows on your Mac? The software you're looking for is a called a PC-Emulator. There are a lot of different brands and settings, but they all have one common goal: to create a PC-partition on your hard drive. Basically this software splits your Mac into a PC-Mac hybrid.

The best PC-Emulators let you open Windows applications as if they were just running on your Mac. They are totally seamless. Apple has made two products (boot camp and parallels) that do exactly that, and at a low cost.

The only downside to this is that you'll have to buy a copy of Windows, which can end up being pretty pricey. Luckily, if you've had a PC in the past, the OS license may allow you to uninstall the operating system from the PC, and install that copy of Windows on your Mac for free.

Play In Your Browser

So you don't feel like spending the time or money to upgrade your Mac to run Windows applications? No problem. Mac friendly online casinos, such as Old Havana Casino, let you play their games right in your web browser. These are flash-base games and can be played with real-money wagers.

This is definitely a step down from playing craps on the downloadable software, but it shouldn't be a huge issue. The biggest difference will be seen in the variety of slots games and specialty variations offered. As a craps player, this is almost a negligible point.

If there is one major downside to playing craps in your browser, it will be seen in the graphical quality. Since all of the information is streaming, your internet connection may make the game lag. To keep this problem to a minimum, the design teams generally cuts out some of the bells and whistles.

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