Craps Systems

Most craps topics are very straight forward but craps systems are the exception. Some people tell you that craps systems will make you win every time, and others claim that they are worthless. The truth lies somewhere in between. Statistically these systems cannot make you win every time, or even in the long run for that matter, but they do have a place.

Craps systems may lower the house edge, but they can't give you a statistical advantage. Their real strength lies in the ability to offer an exciting new way to play while retaining a reasonable house edge. Because these systems can do so much to enhance your experience, we will discuss the most popular ones in greater detail.

Best Craps Systems

Now that you know some of the limitations that plague craps betting systems, it's time to learn how they work. Click on the names of the systems below to learn how they work and where they fall short.

Like we said earlier, these systems are not guaranteed winners. We'll go into much greater detail in each articles, but make sure you understand the systems before you start using them. Using a system incorrectly may be much more risky than not using one at all.

The Smartest Craps Bet

Craps is a game of bets. Some bets are safe and protect your bankroll, while others are extremely risky. Out of all of this mess, there is one bet that stands out above the rest: the odds bet. This is a completely fair bet (no house edge) but there is a catch.

Before you can make an odds bet, you'll have to start by making a line or come bet. Once one of these wagers (with a house edge) is on the table, then you can apply an odds bet on top of it. An odds bet is always made as a whole number multiple of the line bet that comes before it.

The bigger the odds bet, the smaller the house edge. Casinos always limit how big the odds bet can be. In some cases they can only be one or two times the size of your line or come bet. In other cases you can take 20x, 50x, or even 100x odds.

If you are lucky enough to find a casino that allows 100x odds, then you can cut your house edge (with a don't pass line bet) down to a measly .01%! It is not technically a system, but it is by far the smartest bet in the casino.

Once you feel comfortable with these systems, check out our craps casino reviews to find the best places to play online.