The Paroli Craps System

Out of all of the craps systems, few can match the simplicity of the Paroli System. This is a pure positive progression system, which means it is a magnet for hot streaks. Systems like this are able to cut the costs of cold streaks while simultaneously increasing the potential of winning streaks. Here's how it works and a deeper look at its strengths and weaknesses.

How To Use The Paroli System

The Paroli system starts by having you place an even money bet. An even money bet is any wager which pays 1:1, and includes several popular options such as line bets, and come bets.

This first bet should be pretty small, especially when you are first experimenting with the system. Try $5 or $10 until you are more comfortable playing, but you can use this system at any limits. Once you've made this bet, it is simply time to wait.

The Paroli system comes into effect if the first bet wins. If so, you make the same type of bet, but double the size. If this second bet wins, then you make a third bet that is twice the size of the second one. No matter what happens at this stage, the system comes to a close.

If at any point you lose a bet, then you need to stop the system and go back to the original starting bet. If the starting bet loses, you just repeat it as many times as necessary. Here's and example of how the system works.

Bet # Bet Size Win/Loss Net Win
1 10 W 10
2 20 W 30
3 40 W 70
4 10 L 60
5 10 L 50
6 10 W 60
7 20 L 40
8 10 L 30
9 10 L 20
10 10 W 30

If you do everything properly, you should be making small bets during losing streaks, and big bets during hot streaks. By using this opportunistic strategy, you can try to capitalize on your good fortune when lady luck is on your side.

Does It Really Work?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the circumstances. Hot streaks and cold streaks come through all the time, but in the end there is still a basic house edge on every single wager you make. This start contrast leads to an ambiguous interpretation of the Paroli craps system.

If you are going to sit down and play for half an hour, then there is a good chance that you'll make a couple of bucks with this system. However, if you plan on using the Paroli System for the rest of your career, the statistics tell us that you will lose a bit more than you will make.

As with all craps betting systems, you're forced to use disadvantageous wagers therefore you cannot beat the house edge in the long run. And without long term winning, this system is much more limited than some people would like you to believe.

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