Top Ten Craps Tips

Craps is not a very difficult game, but there are some things you can do to immediately boost your chances. Below, you will find our list of the top ten craps tips, in no particular order. Follow these quick tips and have success playing craps today.

1. Play The Odds

Craps is a numbers game, and the numbers tell us one thing: the odds bet is the single smartest bet allowed in the game. These bets are completely fair, which is to say that they have no house edge. The only catch is that you have to bet a line bet before you can put odds on it.

In some casinos you can place odds bets worth 100x the value of the corresponding line bets, which drops the total house edge to only a .02% house edge. Compared to just about any other bet in the casino, this is as good as it gets.

2. Avoid The Sucker Bets

If the odds bets are the best bets  in the casino, then the proposition bets are the worst. With house edges reaching over 16%, the odds are stacked against you so severely, that the proposition bets (hard way bets, and one roll bets) are universally considered sucker bets.

So if the house edge is so high on this type of craps bet, then why do so many people still choose to use them? Primarily because of the high payouts. In some cases, you can get 30:1 payouts from proposition bets, and it is this fact that lures unsuspecting players in.

3. The Gamblers Fallacy

The gamblers fallacy affects casino players no matter what game they are playing. It is the illusion that the rolls you have already seen have a direct impact over future rolls. For instance, the gamblers fallacy says that if you see two sevens in a row, then it is very unlikely that another seven will be rolled next.

This might make sense at first, but the truth is that every roll of the dice is an independent event. Even if you have one hundred sevens rolled in a row, the very next bet is as likely as the first to be a seven. Understand the gamblers fallacy and you are already ahead of the game.

4. Learn The Rules

Playing craps is not as simple as playing the lottery or a slots machine. There are lots of rules, and lots of different types of bets and even some of the most experienced players simply have no idea what they are doing at the craps table.

Besides the house edge, the single biggest reason craps players lose money is simply a lack of understanding. To make sure you know exactly how the game is played, take time to read some of the other craps articles that can be found on this website.

5. Watch For Mistakes

Most craps dealers are extremely skilled and knowledgeable, but everybody makes mistakes sometimes. If you ever witness a dealer error, or see any other mistake that affects you, make sure to ask about it immediately. If it cannot be resolved at the table, you can always have the boxman refer to the surveillance footage.

6. Use Betting Systems

But not all of them. Betting systems can offer you an exciting new way to play, and even make you some short-term profits. No matter what you may hear, there are no craps betting systems that can make you into a long-term craps winner, but that is no reason not to try some craps systems.

7. Take Down Posted Bets

A lot of the bets you can place in craps will remain posted until they loose. This is because most players like to stick with winning bets to take advantage of “hot streaks” but the truth is, you might be better served by taking your money and calling it quits. If you forget about a winning bet, it will stay on the table until it eventually is lost.

8. Play In The Present

So many skilled craps tables get stuck thinking about how they’ve been playing or how they will be playing later in the night. To get the most out of your game, try to focus on the present. This will keep you from getting hung up on losing streaks or planning too far ahead. The dice are rolling NOW, so that’s where your head should be!

9. Follow Success

Lady luck is hardly fair; some players win big while others lose everything. To take advantage of someone else’s winning streak, you should mimic the successful players around you. Sometimes you can even take advantage of more than just luck. Some winning players may be cheating or controlling the dice, but either way you an cash in on their winning edge by matching their bets.

10. Choose Online Your Casinos Carefully

Not all online casinos were created equal. Every day there are newly formed rogue casinos that crowd the web and want to steal your hard earned money. The best way to avoid these casinos is to check them out with a third party, just like this website. We’ve reviewed the best online craps casinos to make things as easy as possible for you to play craps safely online.

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